October 17th, 2014

My 3rd Time In UPLB

Funny how I got quite acquainted quickly with the UPLB environment even though I have only been there for three times. When I got on the bus (Laguna bound), I didn’t feel anything except the fact I was really excited to see my boyfriend. I got this confidence in me which before didn’t exist because I would tell the bus conductor where I was headed to with a shaky voice. Often times before, I would doubt myself if I got on the right bus. Teehee.

Funny also how I would always tell my boyfriend and Kristine to fetch me at Olivarez because I didn’t know how to use their jeep in Elbi. Not that I don’t know how to ride jeeps nor it was first time to ride one, but because every place has its own jeep etiquette and I am not well-versed so with the etiquette in Elbi. Vague? Let me give you an example I have been thinking for quite some time now. People call Elbi “college” to tell drivers they are bound to Elbi, but nationwide people call Elbi “Elbi” (e.g “Punta ka ba Elbi?” “Oo eh.”) so what if you’re new? You wouldn’t know that, of course, and because you know nationwide people generally call Elbi “Elbi” then the situation is kind of like this:

Conductor: San ka, Miss?

Me: Elbi po.

Ahhhh basta, you’ll get that when you go to Elbi for the first time.

Anyways, my third time in Elbi was the first time I spent my whole stay with my Matthew alone. I used to spend my time with my friends also before Matthew and I could have some time alone. We could count that as the late celebration of our second year anniversary! Yaaaaay!

I had a great time with Matthew. We went on a date, mall strolling, food adventure and went to see a movie. Yehey! We made the most of our time together because we couldn’t afford such luxury of time. Eventually, after all our time together, we have to part ways again and that’s what we hate the most.

But the thing about parting ways is the certainty that next time is always around the corner. :)

October 16th, 2014
September 29th, 2014

Dear Matthew Adolfo,

If only your ex’s were to realize how worth keeping you are, they would end up in regret that they let you go. :)

Forever and ever yours,

Fatz Ganda

Hugot Sa Communication Model Ni Newcomb!


Newcomb’s model of communication concentrates on the social purpose and explains the importance of social equilibrium. According to the proponent, when the ones involved in the communication process do not agree yet with each other, there is no social equilibrium. Social equilibrium is achieved only when those who are engaged in the communication process will reach the ‘X’ [which according to our course handler, X is the topic]. Apparently, the saddest truth about this model is that, conflicts can last for years or even more so, before peace [on both parties] is achieved. Kaya kung may kaaway ka pa, wala pang social equilibrium na sinasabi ni Theodore Newcomb na nangyayare. HAHAHA.


September 28th, 2014
I love my forehead. [I’m not muging] :P <3

I love my forehead. [I’m not muging] :P <3

September 27th, 2014


Smile for me, because I love you.




Smile for me, because I love you.

High school days&#8230;

High school days…

6 days left before I turn 18.

Don’t get me wrong with my countdown, it’s not like I’m doing any special on my birthday, I just love the thought that I am turning 18 soon and I can do all the privileges any 18 year old has.

The past few days, I was being reminded by my friends that I am turning 18 and they have been so persistent and insistent that I should do something on my birthday, like perhaps throwing a party, dining with family and friends or go out or go to places I have never gone to before. Apparently, my friends want me to make my day extra special; to feel the essence of birthdays.

But my plan’s the other way around. They can’t blame me if I want to keep my birthday ordinary and simple. After all, the wound is still present and whenever I think of what happened a year ago, the scab opens again.

Oh well, all I ask is a pink tumbler! :)

My Day Couldn’t Get Any Worse

My day couldn’t get any worse. First, I accidentally spilled my coke while trying to place my order on the table, and the aunt beside my table uttered, "Hala, natapon na." Like, duh. Of course, natapon. To my readers, learn from this, never state what’s obvious because that is so dumb. Second, shortly after I placed my order on the table, I noticed that my bra got unlocked. Thankfully, I wore a thick cotton printed shirt so it was not noticeable. HAHA. Third, never ending misunderstanding with Matthew. :’c

If Anger Management was a subject, I’d get singko.

Just a couple of days ago, Matthew and I fought over a petty reason. I was so mad that time for no apparent reason that when he asked me what was wrong, I was no longer in control of my words. If during that time we were together, I bet we were shouting until one of us would bawl, but it all happened in exchanging messages, which I know most of you will agree that conflicts mediated by a device is seriously a lot harder to work out than a face-to-face argument.

For the record, we never had cool offs in our two years of relationship [Cool offs are so lame actually]. We also never had a temporary break up [whatever you call it]. But because the fight was so intense, for the first time [in forever], one suggested a one month cool off. I started to cry.

I happened to be online on Facebook and Twitter while having an argument with him, and because that ‘cool off’ made me angrier, I took our words very seriously and started unfriend-ing him on Facebook and I deactivated my account on Twitter [You can’t find @FatsTaba anymore]. I didn’t reply to his messages anymore and I plunged myself into the bed and cried. That time, tears were the words my heart couldn’t express.

When my eyes could no longer produce tears and it was just my voice which did the ‘crying’ job [haha arte], I turned on my laptop and sent him a friend request, but I was still hesitating to send him a text message.

Later that night, both of us apologized and admitted we did not mean the cool off [Lol]. So, we’re okay again [and ready for another away. HAHA. Jk.]

Whoever said this, "Never make promises when you’re happy, and never make decisions when you’re angry," it is true. I know emotions can sometimes mislead us, but they are just so hard to control, and that is why I said that if Anger Management was a subject, I’d get singko.

But I’d like to extend my deepest apology for being unbearable most of the time to Matthew Adolfo. Saranghae. :)

September 7th, 2014

I will never activate my accounts.

I am so used to the pain I no longer feel surprised getting hurt again.

I am so used to the pain I no longer feel surprised getting hurt again.

July 21st, 2014

What You Know About Constant Communication Is Wrong


    Some time in academic year 2013-2014, my patience and understanding were put to test. This has made me realize that love isn’t just about pagtatawagan/pagtetextan/pagchachat araw araw” to establish [what they call] “constant communication.”

     I do agree that to have a long lasting relationship, communication is a great factor. In my course, I am bombarded with numbers enumerating the importance of communication, and quite frankly, nakakabobo na. Of course I know how important it is, in fact, I am well-versed with its functions, models and importance because I had been dealing with them the past two semesters. Anyway, being a [future] communicator for development, I would definitely agree that to establish a stable relationship (with sparks and kilig and everything), communication is a must.

     The concept of “constant communication” is very demanding. Well, at least in my opinion. Constant, it has to be continuous. “Tuloy tuloy” in Filipino. And when you say it has to be continuous, most likely young lovers would think that it is meant literally. Literal na dapat tuloy tuloy. Hehe. That is why in my opinion; the new concept of “constant communication” is very demanding.

     Open-mindedness and responsibility are overlooked. Most of the young lovers are enclosed with the literal definition of constant communication, kaya reasons like “Di mo ko mabigyan ng oras”, “Di na tayo masyadong nag-uusap lately”, and etc came into existence. Hahaha. Chill. Be willing to consider not just different ideas and opinions, but feelings as well. After the realization of what it means being an open-minded partner, responsibility comes next. Remember that you are not the only priority. I am not saying this to discourage you [even further. Joke lang]. I am saying this because even when you were not yet brought into this sinister place, your parents’ dream is to witness you get a college diploma, hence mag-aral daw nang mabuti. Kekeke.

     I remember one time, it was during the hell week in UP that I became so ‘matampuhin’ because Matthew and I were not talking lately. Although he never failed to remind me to eat on time, to take care, to say I love you’s and I miss you’s, a part of me was longing for that conversation he and I used to have. What I did was, I sent him messages expressing how ‘nakakatampo’ it was, and how he would tell me he needed to review just when I thought it was already an “us” time was so irritating that I chose not to reply anymore, but what he replied was something that changed my wrong concept about “constant communication”…

 “Hindi ko naman ginagawa ‘to para lang pumasa. Ginagawa ko ‘to para sa future nating dalawa so when that time comes, I can provide our needs. I can be that father to our kids who gives not only emotional support, but financial support as well. I can be a good husband to you in the future. Tiis lang muna tayo, soon we will be living under the same roof and [I] promise na after ng hell week, babawi ako sa’yo. I love you.”

July 12th, 2014

Few years from now, if I am authorized already to do the talks in seminars, I will instill in the minds of the schoolchildren that the Philippines needs them. Take choosing their career path for example. What do we usually hear when there is a career orientation? Aren’t we convinced by three factors, namely: salary wise, the demand of the course, and the interest? Yet these three factors don’t go in harmony most of the time. How they help us visualize our future is the future on how to make a living. What we don’t see is the tendency of the students to seek for a greener pasture when they graduate, and no wonder why most of the Filipinos go abroad to seek for a pleasure that we all know isn’t found in the Philippines. If we instill in their minds how their courses will help the country, who will still want to go abroad? They won’t only think of their future but the future of their fellow Filipinos as well. In DevCom, we define “poor” as someone who doesn’t have an option. Filipinos who do not have options are forced to do things like committing a crime, working overseas, and etc. Anong magagawa nila? Eh wala nga silang option. That is why when we instill this mindset to children, we are already creating options to those who weren’t able to have one. Options that are exclusively found in our country, and when we instill such mindset, we are bringing out the nationalism in them, which I think is very essential to build a better country. And in DevCom, we strongly believe that the true measurement of development is man.